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    IT Security Centre UK

    Providing IT security news, help and advice for IT professionals and for people who want to know more about IT security.


    Story & History

    We are small group of IT professionals from differing backgrounds.

    Between us we are offer help and advice for all, having previously worked as IT security Analysts, Systems Administrators and IT Security Consultants.

    Our Goals

    We want to continue to grow to be a central source for the UK IT Security community involving many people from within the community.

    Our Strategy

    Central Source 85%
    IT Security Community 90%
    Help and Advice 85%
    News and Reviews 90%
    Expand and grow ;95%

    We want to connect more and more IT security professional to help and support each other...

    We offer a variety of news, information, advice and help and will continue to grow...

    Your help and support is essential in expanding our reach and growing the IT security community in the UK...

    We try to provide the best and most up to date information available and your thoughts on what we share and how we can improve on what we do is invaluable...

    We are very ambitious and really want to grow and grow to make a real difference to the IT security community in the UK...


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    "An excellent website and blog for IT security news and solid professional help and advice on IT issues ."


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    "I very much enjoy browsing your site, it is very professionally produced with top quality articles."


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    "Always excellent quality pieces in-depth and informative, keep it up!"

      Latest articles

      IT Security Centre UK Blog

      IT security news, IT security help and advice, a central point for IT security related information in the UK.

      IT Security

      BBC News Has Launched Tor the Dark Website to Beat Censorship

      The BBC has announced that the international version of its news website is now available on the dark web, via the Tor web browser.

      UK Digital Minister: Thinks online anonymity is important

      The government thinks the ability to remain anonymous online is important and has no intention of introducing laws banning social media users from hiding their ident

      Action Fraud is only passing a tiny portion of computer misuse cases to the police

      Action Fraud is referring far too few computer misuse cases to police investigators despite official statistics showing nearly a million offences were reported last

      Cyber Security

      THe NCSC say that cyberattackers are winning too often

      The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) publishes its third annual report recently, its chief executive Ciaran Martin has expressed pride in the organisation’s ach

      The passwords putting you at most risk of cyber attacks according to GCHQ

      Having 'Superman' or 'Liverpool' as your computer password puts you at a much higher risk of being hacked, say GCHQ.

      Hackers are much less effective, says UK cyber chief at KPMG

      Hackers are 'no longer winning the cyber crime war' following years of public and private investment and cross-industry collaboration, said KPMG's global head of cyb

      Help and Advice

      How To Delete your YouTube History automatically

      The video streaming site YouTube keeps track of every video that you watch on the site and every search that you make automatically.

      How to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi in the UK

      IT security centre tells you step by step how to secure your Wi-Fi and keep hackers off your home wireless network. We look at how to secure your router, make strong

      Top Tips for Leveraging Security Metrics

      A good security program will keep the organisation it is charged with defending out of harm’s way, providing a solid foundation of security.


      ProtonVPN Review: An excellent VPN

      Brought to you by Proton Technologies AG, the Swiss company behind encrypted email provider ProtonMail, ProtonVPN places an emphasis on security and has both free an

      ExpressVPN UK Review: The best VPN service around

      What impressed us about ExpressVPN the most, is that it has gone the extra mile to provide a great user experience.

      BT Smart Home Cam Review: Reasonable low cost home security

      If you’ve considered getting a connected camera for your home, you may have quickly changed your mind when you looked at the cost involved.

      Tech Terms

      What is a DMZ?

      A demilitarized zone (DMZ) refers to a host or network that acts as a secure and intermediate network or path between an organisation's internal network and the outi

      What is a Dictionary Attack?

      A dictionary attack is a brute-force hacking method used to break into a password-protected computer or server by systematically entering every word in a dictionary

      What is Phishing?

      Like actual fishing, it’s no fun to be on the end of the hook. Phishing is defined as the fraudulent use of electronic communications to deceive and take advantage o

      Cyber Study UK

      Certified Ethical Hacker v10 Question of the Day UK #121

      Which is the first step followed by Vulnerability Scanners for scanning a network?

      Certified Ethical Hacker v10 Question of the Day UK #120

       If you are to determine the attack surface of an organisation, which of the following is the BEST thing to do?

      Certified Ethical Hacker v10 Question of the Day UK #119

      Which of the following program infects the system boot sector and the executable files at the same time?


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