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    IT security news - help and advice

    For IT professionals and for people who want to know more about IT security.


    Brief Introduction

    We are small group of IT professionals from differing backgrounds.

    Between us we are offer help and advice for all, having previously worked as IT security Analysts, Systems Administrators and IT Security Consultants.

    Our Goals

    We want to continue to grow to be a central source for the UK IT Security community involving many people from within the community.

    Our Strategy

    Central Source 
    IT Security Community 
    Help and Advice
    News and Reviews
    Expand and grow

    We want to connect more and more IT security professional to help and support each other...

    We offer a variety of news, information, advice and help and will continue to grow...

    Your help and support is essential in expanding our reach and growing the IT security community in the UK...

    We try to provide the best and most up to date information available and your thoughts on what we share and how we can improve on what we do is invaluable...

    We are very ambitious and really want to grow and grow to make a real difference to the IT security community in the UK...

    Latest articles

    IT Security Centre UK Blog

    A central point for IT security related information in the UK.

    IT Security

    New Google Cloud Service for Passwords

    Called Secret Manager, this Google Cloud service helps users store passwords, certificates and API keys. It is designed to be a centralised solution for the safekeep

    GCHQ recommend not using Windows 7 computers for banking or email from now on

    GCHQ has warned people not to do internet banking or use emails from computers with Windows 7 anymore, as Microsoft have ended support it.

    Test Your IT security skills at this SANS London training event

    As organisations are investing more and more in new technologies, data thieves constantly try to find devious and clever ways of penetrating even the most well-prote

    Cyber Security

    A Guide to Popular Cyber Security Certifications and Training

    Cyber security is an exciting and varied endeavour, below you will see a details of popular certifications along with links to hundreds of Q&A's at IT Security C

    Police Launching Cyber Security Certification Scheme

    There are two awards on offer, with each giving cyber security companies police/BSI accreditation for a year.

    Cyber security industry joins UK’s armed services

    The pace of technological change are is transforming the character of warfare today, and the cyber security industry has earned a seat at the table alongside the our

    Help and Advice

    Why You Need More Than Just Antivirus

    Computer viruses have been around for a long time, but these days the threats are many and never really go away.

    Should You Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

    Windows 7 is now at the end of its life. On 14th January 2020, Microsoft ended all support for the operating system.

    What sort of security software and backups do I need for a small home business?

    Technology manufacturers cater to both home users and businesses. The SoHo (small office, home office) market compared to the home user comes extra costs and complic

    Tech Terms

    What exactly is a Cyber Threat?

    Online threats are varied and they don’t discriminate organisations from individuals when looking for a target, they don't care.

    What is a proxy server?

    A proxy server – is a computer on the internet which acts as a middle-man between your computer and the website or service you’re using.

    What does Wireshark do?

    Wireshark is the world's leading network traffic analyser, and an essential tool for any security professional.

    Cyber Study UK

    Certified Ethical Hacker v10 UK Question of the Day #208

    In the field of cryptanalysis, what is meant by a "rubber-hose" attack?

    Certified Ethical Hacker v10 UK Question of the Day #207

    Which type of intrusion detection system can monitor and alert on attacks, but cannot stop them?

    Certified Ethical Hacker v10 UK Question of the Day #206

    An attacker is using nmap to do a ping sweep and a port scanning in a subnet of 254 addresses.In which order should he perform these steps?


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