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    About us

    Welcome to IT Security Centre UK

    Providing IT security news, help and advice for IT professionals and for people who want to know more about IT security.


    Story & History

    We are small group of IT professionals from differing backgrounds.

    Between us we are offer help and advice for all, having previously worked as IT security Analysts, Systems Administrators and IT Security Consultants.

    Our Goals

    We want to continue to grow to be a central source for the UK IT Security community involving many people from within the community.

    Our Strategy

    Central Source 85%
    IT Security Community 90%
    Help and Advice 85%
    News and Reviews 90%
    Expand and grow ;95%

    We want to connect more and more IT security professional to help and support each other...

    We offer a variety of news, information, advice and help and will continue to grow...

    Your help and support is essential in expanding our reach and growing the IT security community in the UK...

    We try to provide the best and most up to date information available and your thoughts on what we share and how we can improve on what we do is invaluable...

    We are very ambitious and really want to grow and grow to make a real difference to the IT security community in the UK...


    Susan Carruthers - IT Security Consultant -

    "An excellent website and blog for IT security news and solid professional help and advice on IT issues ."


    John Pearson- IT Security Professional -

    "I very much enjoy browsing your site, it is very professionally produced with top quality articles."


    Carla Coombes- IT Journalist -

    "Always excellent quality pieces in-depth and informative, keep it up!"

      Latest articles

      IT Security Centre UK Blog

      IT security news, IT security help and advice, a central point for IT security related information in the UK.

      IT Security

      Encrypting in small business: Why remote workers needs protecting

      In a business environment where cybercrime continues to pose a real danger to businesses of all sizes, paying close attention to how data and devices are protected i

      The Assured Security of Cloud Applications

      Despite the great success of the cloud over the last 10 years, misconceptions continue to be voiced.

      UK Home Secretary backs police in highly flawed facial recognition trials

      As if further indication was needed of Britain's quite rapid slide into a surveillance state, Home Secretary Sajid Javid has backed highly flawed police trials of fa

      Cyber Security

      Information Security Risk: Make it simple

      It seems that most weeks, there is a mainstream news story about a major organisation whose failures in the cyber realm have translated to widespread real-world emba

      NHS Needs Immediate Investment In Cybersecurity

      The National Health Service (NHS) remains vulnerable to hacking attacks, a whitepaper from Imperial College London has pointed out.

      5 Ways to Improve Your Cybersecurity

      Cybersecurity isn't easy. If there was a product or service you could buy that would just magically solve all of your cybersecurity problems, everyone would buy that

      Help and Advice

      Free hotel wifi can be risky!

      You’ve just arrived at the hotel after a delayed flight and then you remember that you’ve forgotten to pay last month’s credit card bill, and there’ll be an interest

      Phishing Attacks: Avoid Losing Business Data

      Phishing will continue to be persistent, so it’s important that companies tackle the issue with a strong strategy and tools to back this up.

      How to block DDoS attacks with automation

      DDOS attacks can be devastating to your network, here are three key strategies to block DDoS attacks in the future.

      Tech Talk

      What are White hat hackers?

      Media reports often highlight the dark side of hacking, what most people usually assume as hoodie-wearing geeks that go out of their way to cause havoc on businesses

      Cyber Security A to Z

      The world of cyber security is wide-ranging and fascinating, and one that must adapt and move as quickly then those who seek to compromise it. But as cyber security

      What is OpenVPN?

      Virtual private networks (VPNs) was used mainly for business security, it was a niche market.


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