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Most Businesses Already Use IoT Platforms Despite Cyber Security Risks

Most Businesses Already Use IoT Platforms Despite Cyber Security Risks

The use of Internet of Things platforms in business is increasing, in spite of the very real cybersecurity risks.

This is according to a new report from Kaspersky, which claims 28 percent of organisations experienced cyberattacks that targeted connected devices.

Despite the high volume of incidents, the use of IoT business platforms is growing year-on-year in virtually every industry. Last year, 61 percent of companies worldwide implemented an IoT application.


The most significant growth is expected in hospitality up from 53 percent in 2018 to 63 percent last year, healthcare 56 to 66 percent and finance 60 to 68 percent. The report also claims IT, telecom and finance companies have more and more IoT connected devices than any other sectors.

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Analyst firm Gartner expects the number of connected devices to reach 25 billion worldwide within five years.

“As the survey shows, cybersecurity is also a question that needs resolving in the IoT space — in terms of security of equipment, technical and organisational protection measures and data privacy, as well as other factors," said Grigory Sizov, Head of KasperskyOS Business Unit, Kaspersky.

"It is important to consider security at an early stage of IoT implementation and we want to help our customers address this task by developing IoT security solutions and expertise within Kaspersky.”


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