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UK Gov’s new National Cyber Force is in the North-West

UK Gov’s new National Cyber Force is in the North-West

Samlesbury in the North-West of England is the location for the new National Cyber Force (NCF) campus.

The National Cyber Force was announced by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as part of the Integrated Review in Nov. 2020.

The joint UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) & British GCHQ partnership is helping keep the UK safe as the new home of offensive cyber operations.

The choice of Samlesbury, which is a 45 minutes drive from the GCHQ site in Manchester, had been proposed by its representative, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, as well as his deputy Nigel Evans.

The decision locate the NCF in the small civil parish, which has an estimated population of 1,200 residents, will bring “thousands of highly skilled jobs and expertise to the North West”, according to an official statement made by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace.

The NCF will “provide a catalyst for investment, but also see our levelling up agenda bring economic stimulus and tangible benefits to this region”, he added.

The 2019 opening of GCHQ offices in Manchester’s Albert Square has helped the region establish itself as the UK’s new tech hub. It is estimated that over 15% of Manchester’s population is “employed by the digital, creative and technology sector”.


Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Steve Barclay said that “basing the campus at Samlesbury in Lancashire will bring high skilled and well paid jobs to the area, building on our drive to move key public sector roles outside of London”.

“It underlines this government’s important levelling up agenda and our commitment to spread opportunity across the country,” he added.

New British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss explained:

‘The National Cyber Force will help confront aggressive behaviour from malign actors & demonstrate that Britain is investing in next-generation defence capability to protect our people & help our friends counter cyber threats. It sends a powerful message to our allies & adversaries alike.

Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

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