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What is a DDOS attack?

Written by  Feb 18, 2019

A DDoS attack is a specific sort of cyber crime. A Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) is a distributed Denial-of-Service (DoS). This occurs when a requested service is only to a certain extent or not at all available.

Most of the times this happens when the IT infrastructure is too busy. Attackers use this type of cybercrime to sabotage companies without DDoS protection.

What does a DDoS attack look like?

When launching a DDoS attack the attacker/s aim at making a service or a server unavailable. In order to do so they infect one or various computers with malware. The attackers use this infected computer network, known as botnet, to launch their DDoS attack. Using the botnet, they attack their target by sending a large amount of requests to the infrastructure.

The more computers are in one botnet, the stronger is the attack. Attacked servers without DDoS protection become overwhelmed with so many requests, their Internet connection breaks down. Websites either load extremely slowly or crash altogether.

Phishing ServiceAlso see: What is Phishing?

Who are the attackers?

Individuals or groups, political activists, competitors, angry clients or just wannabe hackers trying to make a name for themselves . Their motives for a DDoS attack vary: Extortion, harm competitors, envy or send signals against political decisions. The goal of attackers is always the same, however: They want to cause the biggest possible damage to their victims. Without an effective DDoS protection attackers easily succeed.

What are the techniques of a DDoS attack?

Cyber criminals use different types of DDoS attacks. There are various well known tools freely available online that can attack in differing ways.

One of the most common types is to overload system resources and network band widths. In the past few years, cyber criminals have increasingly shifted their attacks to applications. Practices and bandwidths of DDoS attacks change from day to day though.

safe browsingAlso see: Internet Security: Best Practices for Safer Browsing

What are the consequences of a DDoS attack?

An attack always has a negative impact on the affected company, regardless of the technique. Sadly, the companies can feel the repercussions for years after the attack.

Economic damages

A few minutes offline can cost thousands of pounds. Lost sales and wasted marketing budgets only form one part of the financial damages.

Cybersecurity for Beginners
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Business reputation

A DDoS attack entails an incalculable damage to one’s reputation. To restore the image costs many resources and can take to years.

Disgruntled users

When the target audience cannot reach your website, the frustrated user might leave and buy at the competitor’s website.

Data theft

Possible theft of company or client data can have unpredictable repercussions. It can wipe out businesses completely.

Carl Perkins

A security tech expert, Carl specialises in IT Security having worked in the field for over 10 years and has previous Tech admin roles to his credit. He is very experienced and his contribution is invaluable to us.

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