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At large percentage of sporting institutions, organisations and teams in the UK have suffered a security incident in the past 12 months, according to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

The UK is the second most frequent target of “serious” cyberattacks, according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Specops Software.

NHS Digital is contacting users of its NHSmail email system after a small number of mailboxes were compromised in a generic phishing attack and sent malicious emails out to external recipients over the last weekend of in May 2020.

With cyber-attacks on the rise, businesses are constantly worried about losing vital data and the threat is very real.

UK consumers believes businesses should stand their ground having suffered a ransomware attack and refuse to negotiate with cybercriminals.

While video conferencing solutions have become the prime targets for hackers recently following the shift to remote work, hackers have also started targeting companies using PBX systems with phishing attacks to gain access to email credentials.

The cybercriminals behind the recent attack on Elexon, which manages the electricity market in the UK, have started leaking data allegedly stolen from the company.

Research shows that almost half of businesses have reported cyber security breaches or attacks in the last year.

There’s a correlation between more use of cloud services and collaboration tools, such as Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack during the pandemic, and an increase in cyber-attacks targeting the cloud.

Nearly half (48%) of the UK public surveyed about the NHSX COVID-19 tracing app do not trust the UK government to keep their information safe from hackers.

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