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Virgin Media has suffered a big data breach as a result of a misconfigured database, which exposed information relating to 900,000 of its customers.

In 2018 and 2019, the U.K. police forces received a total of 562 reports of blackmail for Bitcoin, research from Parliament Street think tank has shown.

The FCA, the UK financial watchdog, has confirmed it fell victim to a breach last year that exposed confidential consumer information.

Data protection due to GDPR has been enhanced and as well as other privacy regulations, businesses have strengthened their platforms toward better protecting and securing user data.

Your organisation are generally well prepared for threats from outside the company. But are you ready to address threats from within?

The vast majority of data breaches that occurred last year were a result of human error, says a new report from CybSafe.

UK consumers that hold an email address with BT have suffered more data breaches than those of Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail addresses.

'The ICO told businesses that ultimately it is their responsibility to ensure customer data is safe and secure.

In the cloud, organisations cannot abdicate their responsibility to third-party providers. Instead, they need to assure that they work with their cloud providers and that they understand fully how the division of responsibility is configured.

The information appears as a timeline and a map of all the places you've visited. Click the cog in the bottom-right corner of the map, choose 'Automatically delete Location History' and select your preference.

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