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Consumer advocacy organisation Which? has issued a warning over the security of wireless camera brands made by China-based HiChip.

Cyber criminals have launched a new phishing scam designed to steal personal and financial details of millions of self-employed workers using the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme during the Covid-19 outbreak.

UK-based financial technology company Finastra is investigating a cybersecurity incident that may involve a piece of ransomware infecting its internal systems.

TfL (Transport for London) said it has locked all Oyster and contactless online accounts as a 'precaution', following successful hacking efforts uncovered in the summer.

Hackers are 'no longer winning the cyber crime war' following years of public and private investment and cross-industry collaboration, said KPMG's global head of cyber futures David Ferbrache.

Paul is creating a trust relationship between his company and a vendor. He is implementing the system so that it will allow users from the vendor’s organisation to access his accounts payable system using the accounts created for them by the vendor. What type of authentication is Paul implementing?

Which one of the following activities is an example of an authorisation process?

The IoT represents a very real challenge to the users of billions of devices worldwide.

Media reports often refer to the shady side of hacking, what most people usually assume as hoodie-wearing recluses that go out of their way to cause havoc on businesses, healthcare systems and governments.

George is the security administrator for a public school district. He is implementing a new student information system and is testing the code to ensure that students are not able to alter their own grades. What principle of information security is George enforcing?

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