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The move appears to be motivated by research that suggests there will be a staggering 75 billion internet-connected devices across the world by 2025.

Passwords have an ever important role to play online these days, connecting us to our online banking, shopping, social media and everything else we use on a daily basis.

Called Secret Manager, this Google Cloud service helps users store passwords, certificates and API keys. It is designed to be a centralised solution for the safekeeping of secrets.

Having 'Superman' or 'Liverpool' as your computer password puts you at a much higher risk of being hacked, say GCHQ.

The best way to protect your identity in cyberspace is the simplest: Use a variety of strong passwords, and never, ever, use "123456" no matter how convenient it may be.

Using easily guessed passwords across multiple accounts is a major problem in the online security habits of British people, a government study has found.


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