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Jeff Bezos's phone was compromised by a malicious video sent via WhatsApp, it makes you think of your own phone security, and how easily you could be hacked.

The recommendations from Kaspersky come following recent concerns regarding Zoom's security and privacy.

With a massive surge in home use of video and music streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Netflix and Spotify thanks to self-isolation measures taken during the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis; accounts are being hacked.

The hugely popular social media app TikTok has been under pressure on a number of privacy issues with one of them being children’s safety. Now the company is rolling out parental controls with its “Family Safety Mode” in the UK.

You'll notice Facebook advertising targeting is on the list of entries—tick the Opt Out box to do just that.

The video streaming site YouTube keeps track of every video that you watch on the site and every search that you make automatically.

Posting an update to Facebook doesn't have to mean sharing your life with every single person you've befriended there. In fact, all of the major social apps give you more granular control than you might realise.

Facebook has made a number of changes to the use of facial recognition technology on its platform.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks out there, which makes some profiles a prime target for hacking.

First, it would require service providers to surreptitiously inject a new public key into a conversation in response to a government demand.


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