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Public Health England (PHE) will retain the personal data of British citizens gathered through the NHS’s Covid-19 coronavirus Test and Trace programme until the year 2040, it has emerged.

A new report today says that the UK government still hasn’t decided exactly how its NHS contact tracing app should work, but insists that it will be ready to roll out ‘within a fortnight.’

The government is to invest £10m through March 2024 from various sources to fund nine academic cyber security projects selected as the winners of the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) grant competition.

The move appears to be motivated by research that suggests there will be a staggering 75 billion internet-connected devices across the world by 2025.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has formally “stood up” a dedicated cyber security regiment tasked with protecting the UK’s defence networks.

As more UK and European governments turn to tracing apps in the fight against the coronavirus, a deep-rooted tension between the need for public health information and privacy rights has been thrust into the spotlight.

Advanced persistent threat (APT) actors have been exploiting recently disclosed vulnerabilities affecting enterprise VPN products from Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks and Pulse Secure, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warns.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has warned that cyber criminals and scammers are targeting unsuspecting drivers with various scams

Hackers looking to deploy ransomware and extort businesses are most likely to target the government, energy and manufacturing sectors, according to a new report from VMware.

The UK is preparing the official launch of a specialist cyber force that will target terror groups and hostile nation states, it is being reported.

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